just: ASK, LISTEN, TALK toolkit launched


The Just: ASK, LISTEN, TALK (j:ALT) Toolkit has been introduced to help employers to negotiate mental health in the workplace and supporting a positive working environment.
Using this toolkit shows commitment to joining the growing band of employers who are willing to Just: Ask, Listen, Talk about mental health with their employees.
It helps employers improve workplace mental health with topics including:
A mentally healthy workplace
Struggling at work due to mental health issues
Off sick with mental health issues

Download your copy of the j:ALT toolkit HERE to start building your skills and knowledge to create a mentally healthy workplace.

The development and design of the j:ALT toolkit was funded through Delivering Differently, a programme that aims to improve employment outcomes for people in Fife who experience issues related to their mental health.

Fife Council’s Supported Employment Service and Fife’s Health Promotion Service Workplace Team worked together to produce the toolkit.

Sign up to Fife’s Just: ASK LISTEN TALK pledge by contacting Fife’s Health Promotion Workplace Team at hwlfife@nhs.net