Poverty Awareness Training Programme 2019-2020

The multi-agency Poverty Awareness Training Group are pleased to disseminate the 2019/2020 Programme which has a number of relevant, engaging and accessible training courses around Welfare Reform.

Poverty affects a significant proportion of the Fife population and can have a big impact on many areas of peoples’ lives. This can include their mental health and wellbeing, their ability to develop skills, find or maintain employment and can threaten basic needs such as access to food and housing.

The courses within this programme build capacity of the workforce to address the wider issues of poverty and encourage new ways of working. They are suitable for people who have little experience of supporting service users with these issues and/or those who wish to update their knowledge and skills in these areas.

This training programme is funded by Fife Partnership, through the Plan 4 Fife to tackle inequality and work towards a fairer Fife.

Download the Poverty Awareness Training Programme here

Download a Training Application Form here