Changing the way we work

If we are going to reduce health inequalities in Fife, we have to work differently. We have established a 3 themes approach, based on evidence about ways of working most likely to reduce health inequalities.

We have developed a health inequalities checklistĀ based on the 3 themes, to help your organisation or team check if you are working in ways most likely to reduce health inequalities.

The themes are relevant to organisations and groups across FifeĀ ā€“ council services,Ā third sector organisations, the NHS, Health and Social Care Partnership, emergency services, furtherĀ and higher education, business and government.Ā If we are to reduce health inequalities inĀ Fife, more organisations and groups must apply the 3 themes to planning and delivering work across Fife.

Support available

A range of support is available to help you do this – browse this site for details of training, information and resources.

ā€˜Reducing Health Inequalities: What Works?ā€™ is a practical 3-hour workshop which can be delivered in-house and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, service or team. EmailĀ fife-uhb.hitraining@nhs.netĀ to find out more.

If you would like to discuss other sources of support available to help your organisation or group do more to tackle health inequalities, contact

Current work

Follow the links in the submenu to find out about some of the work currently going on to reduce health inequalities in Fife.