Health Inequalities

What are health inequalities?

Health inequalities are the unjust differences in health and wellbeing that are the result of inequality in individual, social and economic circumstances.

While health in Fife (as well as in Scotland more generally) is improving, long-term health inequalities persist. These can have a knock-on effect on people’s ability to get and keep a job, achieve their goals and take part fully in their community. Access latest health inequalities data for Fife.

What affects our health and wellbeing?

A range of issues can have an impact: income, unemployment, work conditions, education and skills, our living situation, individual characteristics and experiences, such as age, gender, disability and ethnicity.

Not everyone experiencing health inequalities lives in the most deprived areas. Difficult life circumstances affect people living in communities across Fife. Find out about key groups at risk of health inequalities.

A number of things can support and protect health. These include social and community networks, the physical environment, participation in local decision making and opportunities for volunteering.

What has this got to do with my organisation?

A wide range of services can make a difference to reducing health inequalities. Whether you work with children and young people or design roads, support people into employment or run a community group – the way you work can help to reduce health inequalities.


infographic produced by NHS Health Scotland