Health Promotion Training Programme

“I found it really useful to find about more about the services that are available in Fife and what they do”

 “This training has really enhanced my skills and knowledge within my role”

The 2019-2020 edition of the Health Promotion Training Programme features a wide range of free training courses aimed at helping people working in Fife to contribute towards preventing ill-health, improving health and wellbeing and reducing inequalities in health across Fife.

Focusing on prevention and tackling inequalities is a key strategic priority for Fife Community Planning Partners.  The training opportunities offered through the programme directly support many of the ambitions and priority themes set out in Fife Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2017 -2027 Plan4Fife.  We are pleased to support this agenda on behalf of the Fife Communities and Wellbeing Partnership.

Whether you want to know more about supporting people’s mental wellbeing, helping people to make positive changes to their lives or deal with big issues such as poverty or sexual health, the Health Promotion Training Programme has something for you.

We offer an extensive suite of Mental Health Training courses which directly support delivering the priorities in Fife’s Mental Health Strategy 2019-2023 “Lets Really Raise the Bar”.

This programme is produced by the Health Promotion Service, part of Fife’s Health & Social Care Partnership.  We are delighted that many of our colleagues from various different organisations in Fife continue to work with us to share their expertise and ideas through the delivery of this programme.  We also receive funding and support from Fife’s Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

Some of our courses such as safeTALK, Reducing Health Inequalities and Steps for Stress can be delivered in-house to meet the needs of specific services.  Please contact us for more information.

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For a paper copy of the training programme, or more information, please contact: or phone 01592 226488 (internal 46488) or or phone 01592 226561 (internal 46561).