Trauma-informed practice

People who experience Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) or trauma in adulthood have significantly increased risk of poor health outcomes. Find out more on the NHS Health Scotland ACEs webpage.

A conference was held in Fife on 16th June 2016, to explore implications of developing trauma informed services. Download the presentations from Fife’s trauma conference and the conference report.

Fife Health and Wellbeing Alliance is supporting work to enable services to become trauma-informed, i.e. understanding links between trauma and health issues.

The Alliance funded a second phase of the Better than Well GP referral pathway pilot through its health inequalities partner programme. Self-help coaches based at LinkLiving, working under supervison of NHS Fife Psychology, offered safety and stabilisation for people who were experiencing distress, anxiety and/or depression. The project also worked to raise awareness and share learning around trauma-informed approaches with health and social care providers.

This approach is now being developed to target homelessness – equipping homeless people to manage the symptoms of trauma, thereby reducing repeat homelessness.