Workplace Team, Health Promotion Service

About us

The Workplace Team, Health Promotion Service, Fife Health & Social Care Partnership, is responsible for locally implementing workplace strategies and activities within public, private and third sector organisations across Fife.

What are we trying to do?

Team objectives are to ensure:

  • Employers are supported to proactively identify health, safety and wellbeing issues in the workplace
  • Employers develop and implement supportive policies and practices that protect and improve workers' physical and mental health
  • Employers support workers to remain in and return to work
  • Supportive work environments encourage positive worker behaviour change.
What services do we offer?

A range of core workplace health, safety and wellbeing services, including:

  • Provision of expert advice and guidance
  • Occupational Health and Safety needs assessment visits
  • Workplace Health needs assessments
  • Workplace training and awareness sessions
  • Workplace policy development
  • Employee Wellbeing Surveys
  • Provision of health improvement information and resources
  • Local support for the national Healthy Working Lives programme in accordance with Partnership Agreement
  • Signposting to partner programmes such as Health and Work Support in Fife

Team also develop and deliver local workplace health, safety and wellbeing projects and events in Fife:

Who else do we work with?

Contribute to the wider work of the Health Promotion Service and Fife Health & Social Care Partnership, and work with partners such as:

Contact us to find out how we can help your workplace:

Alan Gow, Occupational Health and Safety.  Email:

Katie Provan, Health and Wellbeing.  Email:

Annemarie Smith, Health and Wellbeing.  Email:

Sarah Baldacchino, Health and Wellbeing. Email:

Health Promotion Service Workplace Team